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24/7 Emergency Housing and Support When Disaster Strikes

CAT Response for Insurers and Adjusters

Disasters affect more than just policyholders; they affect you as well. Pre-planning for an effective castastrophe deployment is essential, and as you know, there’s little time to get everything done. With our comprehensive catastrophe services and training offerings, TA can immediately jump in to help ready you when disaster strikes. TA’s 17 plus years of providing adjusters with emergency housing will enable you to scratch that time consuming and cumbersome process off of your list. Whether ahead of a predicted storm or after an event has occurred, you can trust TA to get the job done right.

TA’s adjuster catastrophe housing services and advantages include:

  • Master or individual account setup for easy intake and direct billing 
  • Single and group room bookings secured and paid for with a TA credit card
  • Hotel rooms, furnished apartments and other housing as close as possible to the disaster site
  • Onsite assistance for immediate claims processing and administrative support
  • Flexible billing options, mobile optimized, real-time reporting, and proactive status updates via text messaging
  • Need a hotel for CAT duty? Request now.

Our proven, scalable model has delivered superior results for our insurance partners, adjusters and policyholders over the years for catastrophes, such as, Hurricane Katrina, the wildfires in California, and the tornadoes that inflict massive damage across the U.S.

CAT Response for Policyholders

Given the frenetic nature of natural disasters, those affected must scramble and often spend too much precious time focused on securing a place to stay.

Leveraging our extensive property database and deep-rooted business relationships with hotels and landlords enables us secure scarce housing quickly, allowing families to focus more on their loved ones and the recovery process.

TA’s policyholder catastrophe housing services and advantages include:

  • Hotels booked using TA's credit card to expedite payments
  • Quick sourcing and placement into cost-effective, long-term housing (if required)
  • Checklists and other helpful tools that ensure smooth transitions and reduced stress
  • Caring and compassionate staff trained as early responders
  • Policyholder satisfaction rating of 98+%
  • Bi-lingual policyholder web pages and multi-lingual staff

Count on TA to help you get on the road and to disaster sites faster, giving you and your policyholders the peace of mind and support you deserve.