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How will your temporary housing services benefit me and my company?

Temporary Accommodations takes the stress out of securing loss of use related temporary housing for displaced policyholders. As a leading provider of temporary housing services for the insurance industry since 1996, TA's breadth of experience and deep expertise enables us to proactively and efficiently manage your Additional Living Expense (ALE) claims from start to finish. We find Like, Kind & Quality housing options at negotiated rates for your policyholders within 24 to 48 hours of your initial call. We manage all aspects of your policyholders' transition in and out of temporary housing while keeping you informed throughout the process. Partnering with TA will save you valuable time, will reduce your costs, minimize your risk and will help you exceed policyholder expectations.

Why should I choose TA as my temporary housing partner?

You can trust TA to get the job done right. We are by far the fastest and most diligent provider of temporary, furnished housing. The quicker we're able to place your policyholder, the less it costs in terms of hotel stays and meals, which also benefits the policyholder by maximizing their ALE fund. Our efficient process also reduces policyholder stress by getting them more quickly into comfortable and safe temporary housing, and back to their normal routines faster. Plus TA is actively investing in new technology solutions designed to help streamline the claims process, resulting in greater efficiency and cost savings. 

How do I submit a New Housing Request?

Submitting a claim with TA is easy; simply go online via your computer or mobile device, call us toll-free at 800.548.5196, 24/7/365 or fax your request to 404.254.8557.

How does your pricing work?

Prices vary based on location, type of housing and length of stay. Monthly prices include rent and/or appliances, housewares and furnishings (plus utilities, if applicable). Contact us to get a quote. 

Does TA provide catastrophe assistance?

Yes. TA has been providing onsite support and temporary housing for catastrophe teams since its inception in 1996.


How long does it take TA to find housing options?

Depending upon the situation, we typically provide hotel options within 15 minutes and short-term housing options within 24-48 hours of your initial call. 

What is TA's typical downtime to placement? 

On average, TA is able to place policyholders into fully-furnished, temporary housing within 5 days of your initial call, however, every situation is unique. Hotel placements are often immediate, and travel trailers can take 7-14 days to deliver, set-up, etc.

What are your Notice to Vacate or Extension requirements?

Vacate Notices: Most apartment communities and landlords require a 30-60 day notice to vacate. We negotiate for 30-day notices whenever possible; however, sometimes a 60-day notice is required. 

Extension Notices: If your policyholder’s permanent residence isn’t ready and they need to extend their lease, we need a 30 or 60-day extension notice depending on their lease. Extensions are typically negotiated up front so there will be no surprises.

To avoid paying extra rent because proper notice was not given, we call your policyholder in advance of all notice requirements.  This is also in the case of extensions.  Proper notice is required so that your policyholder will not have to move to another unit.  This will allow for a smooth transition from their temporary housing back to their permanent housing.  If we can not get in touch with the policyholder in a reasonable amount of time, we inform the adjuster immediately.

Can a lease be extended after notice is given?

It is dependent upon the situation, such as whether or not the unit is still available.

Who signs the lease agreement? 

Our agreements are handled directly with the policyholder. However, we do ask adjusters to review a housing authorization form that confirms the lease term and available budget for the claim. We have a no surprises billing policy, meaning that TA works within the allocated budget and will get approval in advance for any additional expenses. 


What types of housing does TA provide?

In addition to hotel accommodations, TA provides single-family homes, apartments, condominiums, townhomes and travel trailers/mobile homes. All of our fully-furnished housing options are of Like, Kind and Quality and are available, nationwide. In fact, 92% of our placements average less than 3.3 miles from policyholders' homes, including rural areas. Luxury housing and furnishing packages are also available.

Is TA affiliated with any corporate housing companies, hotels, or property management groups?

TA is a private locating service so we do not own properties. We have an extensive database of vetted and available properties, coupled with strong relationships with landlords across the nation, which enables us to more easily locate Like, Kind and Quality housing while securing the best possible pricing and location.


What is your billing process?

TA has a "no surprises" billing policy, meaning we always work within your budget and pre-approve any additional expense in advance. Our standard protocol is to bill the initial lease term in advance followed by month-to-month advance billings, however, we strive to be flexible to meet our clients' unique needs.

How are security deposits handled?

There are security deposit options: 1 - Insurer charges and returns deposit to policyholder. 2 - Insurer advances deposit to TA from policyholder's contents (or alternate) account and TA returns to the policyholder. 3 - TA bills insurer and returns the deposit to the insurer after move-out. 

In all instances, the policyholder is responsible for any and all damages to both furnishings, hotels and/or rental units. Pending no damages, all applicable deposits are returned within 45 days of move-out.

Who manages utility connections?

Policyholders typically manage their own utilities and turn in receipts, where applicable. However, if an adjuster prefers one bill, TA can estimate utilities and include in the monthly rent (overages are rare and are billed separately).